From MGMT’s new album ‘Little Dark Age’. Pre-order the album and get “Me & Michael” instantly:

Watch the “Me & Michael” True Faith video:

Directors: Joey Frank, Randy Lee Maitland
Production Company: RATHAUS
Producer: Alexandra Byer
Cinematographer: Ashley Connor
Creative Direction/Styling: Madison Solenja
Production Designers: Becca Morrin, Eamon Monaghan
Practical FX: Izzi Galindo, Emily Shubert
Wardrobe: Colin King, Z Behl
Editor: Alex Amoling
Graphic Design Elements: Daniel Kent, Will Rhodes, Dave Nelinson
VFX and Comping: Daniel Faria
Colorist: Nat Jencks, Goldcrest
Editor of Truefaith video: Kenneth Casey Swoyer
Title Card: Michael Buscemi


MGMT – Me and Michael

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