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This is a family oriented movie, with a thought-provoking plot that you will find extremely didactic.
The peace and love that exists in a certain family completely slips into oblivion the moment the unforeseen happens.Duly manipulated; the two sons of the family Ekene (Kanayo O. Kanayo)and Jamike (Tony Umez) find themselves entangled in a fight of which they are both ignorant of the true origin .Behind every rolling stone; there is a force.What force can ultimately set two brothers at odds.A must watch.

Nollywood Movie Starring:Kanayo o kanayo,Tony Umez,Benita Nzeribe,Patience Ozokwor,Chinwetalu Agu.
Directed by Chika Onu.Produced by:Cajetan Obi,Sunday Egbo

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Fire on the Mountain 3 – Nigerian Nollywood Movie


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